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Rebar Equipment Wanted or for Sale

  • FOR SALE : Rebar machinery for sale (used only in our factory, bought new) (Ad Posted April 12, 2017)
    CONTACT: G. Kastrinakis Tel.: +30 210 5509000 E-Mail:
  • FOR SALE : Rebar - Basalt fibreglass material rebar (Ad Posted March 16, 2017)
    We can supply: Basalt fibreglass material rebar. Specifications: Sizes: 8mm, 10mm,12mm Tensile Strength: 1100MPA
    Current price: US $4000/ton (Negotiable and subject to customer’s demands) Price term: FOB china port
    We can also supply: GFRP rebar, Specifications: diameter from 4mm to 40mm (other sizes are available upon request) bundle for rebar or according ...
    Applications: building construction wall reinforcement, subway roadway project, general construction, seawall damming, road bridge construction, slope rock supporting, mining industry.
    About us: Hebei Weijia FRP Co., Ltd. is located in North China, in the glass fiber industrial park, Zaoqiang County, Hebei Province.
    CONTACT: C. Wang, Hebei Weijia FRP Co.,Ltd, Email: Tel: 0086 318 6902131
  • WANTED: MEP Auto Bender (Ad Posted March 9, 2017)
    I am looking for an MEP used auto bender that can bend #3, #4, #5
    CONTACT: Mathew, ph 631-496-9605 ext 302 email
  • FOR SALE : Rebar equipment (Ad Posted February 20, 2017)
    Schnell 400/2000/16E cage making machine – 2007 model.
    Schnell Prima 12 automatic stirrup bending machine – 2000 model.
    Schnell coil 16 automatic stirrup bender with 6 wire payoffs – 2004 model
    Schnell bat pull line with robomaster for cutting and double bending up to 40mm high tensile bar.
    Mep format S with 5 wire payoffs.
    Progress MSR16 with double bending capability up to 16mm.
    All the machines are in excellent condition and do not need to be refurbished. Make me an offer.
    CONTACT: Patrick Murray Deane, Specialist Equipment Manufacturers ph: +27(0)11 316 1626 Fax to email: +27(0)86 539 2725 Email:
  • FOR SALE : MEP CUT LINE 40 (2008) (Ad Posted a February 08, 2017)
    16mt. machine, automatic charger, chain feeder, 2 collecting systems.
    Very Cheap price.
    Please, contact us so we can provide you with the full information or pictures.
  • FOR SALE: Schnell Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted January 11, 2017)
    Automatic center Barwiser 20 Schnell for sale, year 2004 , “as is where is “ , now in operation but will be dismantled in August , sales price : 63.000 euros
    This is a Bi-directional stirrup bender and bar shaping machine from bar, allows you to produce stirrups and cut-to-size bars using wires up to Ψ20 mm . The lower bending unit performs downward bends.
    Driven by electric servomotors. Depending on your interest, we can organize a schedule for inspection.
    CONTACT: EUROMΑQUINA, S.L. Sales Area Manager Paseo de la Castellana 248 , Bajo A 28046 - Madrid -SPAIN (: (+34) 916587293
  • WANTED: MEP Pratica 240 (Ad Posted December 19, 2016)
    Required, second hand, in good condition.
    CONTACT: Simon Yazbeck, National Plant Manager, Ausreo Pty Limited, P 02 8886 7502 M 0412 722 711
  • FOR SALE: Schnell Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted November 16, 2016)
    I have a Schnell GTM 400/2000/16E piling machine for sale. Model 2007, condition is excellent.
    CONTACT: Patrick Murray Deane, Specialist Equipment Manufacturers, Telephone: +27(0)11 316 1626, Fax to email: +27(0)86 539 2725
  • FOR SALE: 3D Cnc Stema/Pedax Steelmaster Unimatic 18XVS for sale direct from production (Ad Posted November 16, 2016)
    This machine was built in 2003 and is complete with material feed + pay-off system.
    If interested please get in touch.
    CONTACT: email address:
  • WANTED: Rebar Decoiler (Ad Posted September 9, 2016)
    Fully automated to decoil rebar 8mm 18mm 12 mm 14 mm and 16 mm Full system .
    Needs to be near new or with warranty .
    CONTACT: Mail .... Tel 00353862504332
  • FOR SALE: Bi-Directional Bending Machine (Hydraulic, with Digital Controller) (Ad Posted August 17, 2016)
    Good for up to 32 mm dia bar. This is a rebar bender with a split design which enables bending in both directions - useful for End Lap Joints (Joggle),
    Cross Beam Support Members (Double Offset). Fitted 5-bends sequential bending controller.
    Brand New, Made in India by company with over 20 years of expertise in this line.
    CONTACT: or
  • FOR SALE: KRB VersaForm (manufactured in 2005). (Ad Posted August 9, 2016)
    The VersaForm is a coil (Hydraulic/electric) machine capable of straightening and bending up to single strand #5 bar.
    This is the base machine only – no controller, decoiler, or other parts. We are asking for $30,000.00
    CONTACT: Please email
  • FOR SALE: Parts for: Schnell Prima 12 (Ad Posted July 2, 2016)
    I have a used Schnell Prima 12 that I am parting out.
    We purchased the machine new in 1999, and it has been a great machine for us. The motor drives went out and we haven't been able to find replacements.
    Let me know if there are any parts you would be interested in. There are lots of great parts still on this machine.
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted June 15, 2016)
    #11 KRB Rotary table bender 2008 Model 10k Canadian dollars
    KRB alligator shear A114 Shear 2008 Model 10K Canadian dollars
    Rodchomper Model CBRPd8D, Cutter bender rotary portable diesel 8 Bar Dual Controls
    25 horse diesel Kubota. Two Controls (2 person operation simultaneous) 24k Canadian dollars
    CONTACT: David Huber phone 403-464-3262, D & D Steel Ltd, Redwood Meadows, Alberta, Canada
    Brand New - Immediate Delivery - Bargain Price! Good pre-straightened bars up to 16 mm dia.
    Bi-directional bending capability, to manage complex stirrup shapes. The machine can process bars in size 6/8/10 x 2 nos, 12/16 mm x 1 nos.
    Production: Cycle time for a typical rectangle/square 5-bend stirrup: 5 per minute Capacity : 5 - 8 tons/day
    The machine is computer controlled, where programs are tested and stored. A program can be recalled and the machine is set for a production run.
    The machine uses standard hydraulics which ensures high reliability, performance and easy maintenance. Installed power: 5 hp
    CONTACT: Asad Adeni at or For a link to a Demo Video, contact us.
  • FOR SALE: 5 Bar ( 60 ft) 480V EPOXY COATING LINE, IN ONTARIO. (Ad Posted March 23, 2016)
    Fully Automated, CRSI certified for over 20 years.
    Includes lab equipment and spares. Pictures and a video supplied on request. $450,000 US in situ.
    Also for sale: 24" Hill Acme 22 A Alligator Shear, Air Clutch & Brake, Electric Foot Pedal, 10 Horsepower ONTARIO ,CANADA
    CONTACT: (steve) or (jerzy) tel 905-643-0045
  • FOR SALE: Digital Machines Arnold Shear. (Ad Posted March 22, 2016)
    Great rebar shear. Serial Number 2220 came out of service in good working order from a closing shop.
    Item is located in Lakeside, Ca. 92040. For sale or trade asking $5999 or best.
    CONTACT: Bruce Discher:903-910-9764 or
  • FOR SALE: 2004 KRB Rotorymatic Automatic Stirrup Bender. (Ad Posted February 19, 2016)
    Runs good. Still in use daily. Clean unit. Runs dual strand #3 and #4. Single strand #5 rebar.
    Comes with bar code scanner, three coil racks and two decoilers. Contact us for video or pictures. $40,000 OBO. Location - Ohio.
    Contact Jared. Cell:419-571-4215 email:
    Brand New - Immediate Delivery - Bargain Price! Good pre-straightened bars up to 16 mm dia.
    Bi-directional bending capability, to manage complex stirrup shapes. The machine can process bars in size 6/8/10 x 2 nos, 12/16 mm x 1 nos.
    Production: Cycle time for a typical rectangle/square 5-bend stirrup: 10/12 stirrups per minute Capacity : 5 - 8 tons/day
    The machine is computer controlled, where programs are tested and stored. A program can be recalled and the machine is set for a production run.
    The machine uses advanced technology with Proportional Electro-Hydraulics. PLC controls, Promise of high reliability; performance and easy maintenance.
    CONTACT: Asad Adeni at or For a link to a Demo Video, contact us.
  • FOR SALE : MEP Format S (2003) Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted January 28, 2016)
    This machine is comprised of 2 LC pay-off stations, 6 meter simple collecting rack; It handles double feed for diameters 6-10mm and single feed for diameters 12mm.
    Please, contact us so we can provide you with the full information and pictures.
  • FOR SALE : Refurbished MEP Mini Syntax (2005) Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted January 8, 2016)
    The machine is comprised of 5 LCM pay-off stations (motorized), 9 meter collecting rack, hydraulic winch, pre.feeding system.
    It handles double feed for diameters 6-12mm and single feed for diameters 14-16mm.
    Please contact us so we can provide you with the full information and pictures.
  • FOR SALE : MEP Format 16 Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted November 16, 2015)
    The machine is comprised of two (2) right and left turning pay-off stations, four (4) coil holders, full pay-off station protection set (fencing), control panel with
    manual controls & keyboard and an industrial PC for the programming of the machine and the managing of production, automatic stirrup/shaping plant and an extra additional 6meter collecting rack.
    It handles double feed for diameters 6-12mm and single feed for diameters 14-16mm. Produced in 2008 and set in operation in 2009.
    The machine is in operation and its condition is EXCELLENT (LIKE NEW) with few working hours (888). Properly serviced with a complete set of manuals. NO NEED for refurbishment or maintenance.
    Photos and videos can be sent upon request.
    CONTACT: Dimitrios E. Stoimenos,, T+30-2310-689313
  • FOR SALE: (Ad Posted November 9, 2015)
    1) MESH WELDER MODEL Easynet-S, Year of supply - 2006, very few working hours
    No need for refurbishment. Full working demo will be given before delivery.
    We will also take care of installation and start-up at site and will provide after-sales service,
    with guarantee of availability of all the necessary spare parts and consumables for the years to come.
    2) Straightening & cutting machine - 2 NOS. for feeding the mesh line. mod. NR320, also in excellent condition.
    CONTACT: for further details contact Rohit Gupta +91 98210 55245
    >> KRB MODEL 1016 Rebar straighten and cut off machine new 2007 (Ad Posted November 4, 2015)
    Dual arbor to max 16mm, 12 meter cutoff track, 90m/m.
    Beautiful and new price.
    >> Robinson/Renco ribbed wire drawing line, 125hp double deck bullblock.
    4 roll turkshead, 48” spooler, payoff, descaler, was drawing up to 10mm.
    >> VIDA 96” Mesh Welder, 4-12mm wire, line and cross from precut.
    Turner/stacker, conveyor, all new 1998, BARGAIN
    CONTACT: Bill Fortune 203 367 5150
  • FOR SALE: Fully reconditioned MEP Concept 91 Auto stirrup bender. (Ad Posted September 28, 2015)
    Processes 2 # 3, 2 # 4, and one # 5. Complete with two new Decoilers.
    CONTACT: Sales at ph 905 401 4788 or ph 905 734 3858.
  • FOR SALE: One used 85v Auto stirrup bender, complete with two decoilers. (Ad Posted August 11, 2015)
    New Stirrup Pro Controller Head. Refurbished in 2013. Asking 20,000.00 USD
    CONTACT: Phone 905 734 3858 or 905 401 4788.
  • FOR SALE :STIRRUP DOUBLE BENDER, TWINMASTER 16 II,MODEL 021, Construction Year :2002 , by PEDAX, with 5 Payoffs (Decoilers) . (Ad Posted August 5, 2015)
    The machine is located in the industrial area of Athens/Greece.
    Suitable for rebar steel of diameters 6mm up to 16mm single strand and 6mm up to 12mm twin-strand,for steel quality up to 700n/mm2,
    In very good condition, with new rollers and recently serviced by pedax engineers. Current supply is 3 x 400 v/ 50 hz.
    Photos and video available on request, the machine is still in operation producing 8 hours/day.
    Price: 70,000 Euros FOB with the 5 payoffs included.
    CONTACT: G. Kastrinakis,, phone 0030 210 5509000.
  • FOR SALE: RMS 411 REBAR SHEAR LINE Location: Ireland (Ad Posted July 17, 2015)
    Takes 15 Meter Lengths Year 2008
    In good working order.
    CONTACT: Call +353868115128
  • FOR SALE - Flexible Mesh Welding Line SCHLATTER MG 220 (Ad Posted June 9, 2015)
    Main bar dia. 10 - 26 mm, Cross bar dia. 6 - 16 mm, Mesh width 3600 mm, Mesh weight max. 1000 kg
    Number of welding heads, stepless adjustable 31, Force of each welding press max. 11 kN
    Production speed max. 100 cross wires/min.
    CONTACT: for more information
  • FOR SALE: KRB Rotary Fabmatic 1016- Automatic Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted June 5, 2015)
    Model # 1016 . Auto bends & shears #3 & #4 dual strand & #5 single strand.
    Handles coil & straight stock. I coil cradle & straightener included.
    Machine is still in operation. Contact for pictures & video.
    FOB -- South Florida $60,000.00 US
    CONTACT: Jeff 561-248-0368
  • FOR SALE - SCHLATTER MG 28.1/8D (Ad Posted April 28, 2015)
    Refurbished with NEW CONTROL S7
    Wire Ψ 4-12 mm, Mesh width 2900 mm,
    Welding width 2700 mm
    CONTACT: for more information
  • FOR SALE: 2004 STEMA PEDAX II: $43,000.00 (Ad Posted April 14, 2015)
    Good condition – Pedax Serviced
    Steel Master/Uni Cut 16 XV CNC Rebar Straightening & Cut-Off Machine
    Approximate 36’ Out Feed Bundle Type Rack with 3 Motorized Pay Off Wheels
    Approx. 3,200 Hours Program Module 1436 Program Version 8.6.32A
    Video available – made before removal from service FOB – Haverhill, MA
    CONTACT: Kate Grady, ph 800-558-6713 email
  • FOR SALE: Reconditioned MEP Concept 91 auto stirrup bender (Ad Posted April 13, 2015)
    which processes (2- #3's,2- #4's or a single #5) with 2 decoilers rebuilt with warranty
    CONTACT: Sales at 905-401-4788 or 905-734-4038
  • FOR SALE: Schnell Idea, 2007 model year, 2800 hours of use; $60k USD (Ad Posted March 5, 2015)
    Machine welds consecutive stirrups or any size/shape bars at programmed spacing. Flexible programmability for any type of welded cage.
    Machine located in New York.
    CONTACT:, (386)523-6223
  • FOR SALE: Rebar processing machines for sale. (Ad Posted November 12, 2014)
    Schnell Italy - Brand New Prima 13 plus machines- 4 nos. (2014 March import)
    suitable for making stirrups from coils up to 12 mm.
    Schnell Italy - 2 Barwiser 22 S for stirrups upto 22 mm - 2008 year of manufacture- 2 nos.
    suitable for stirrups from straight bars upto 22 mm.
    Presently the machines are in India, near Mumbai.
    CONTACT: +91 98210 55245 /
    Model: cutPRO25 (Made in India by a Company 20 years in this business)
    To cut: 8/10/12/16mm rebars x 2nos each or 20/25mm x1 nos only
    Feed progress speed is 850 mm/sec. Cutting time is approx 3 secs. Accuracy of length is +/- 2 mm.
    Production capacity: 22-35T per 8 hrs. Can be shipped immediately. For a bargain price please contact.
    CONTACT: Asad Adeni -- &
  • FOR SALE: Cage making machine Schnell model GTM 300.2000.16E. (Ad Posted September 19, 2014)
    Machine for the production of cylindrical cages with variable pitch welded spiral wrap,Max, diameter armour 2,0 Meters,MAX.
    Long pile 16,0 meters,excellent condition
    CONTACT: for technical information, contact Carlos A. Mora +34657983416
  • FOR SALE: AWM “Roll Mat” Rebar Production Line, (Ad Posted September 4, 2014)
    Rolls fabricated by resistance-weld : bars tied together by metallic straps
    Rolls cover a surface area of 15 m x 15 m (50 ft x 50 ft). Can feed 5 coils of wire with a mix of diameters.
    Diameter if fed with wire in coils : 8 mm to 16 mm (15M)
    Diameter if fed with pre-cut straight rebars: 16 mm to 28 mm (15M to 30M or #5 to #9)
    Outside diameter of rebar in rolls : variable from 500 mm to 800 mm. Custom fabrication to cover surfaces of different shapes or with openings
    Longitudinal wires: quantity of 10 metallic strapping or wire 4, 5 or 6 mm (option)
    Rate of production: 8 to 15 tons in 8 hours, depending of bar size. Surface area required for installation : 7 m x 43 m (23’ x 141’)
    Mfg. Date: 2006, Installed New 2007, Low Hours of Usage
    CONTACT: For more information, photos, video and pricing, Contact Frank DiSalvo at (631) 249-5566 or Email
  • FOR SALE: MEP SYNTAX LINE 25 Automatic-electronic off-bar machine. (Cut To Length Lines) (Ad Posted August 28, 2014)
    Year 2004 - Only 4.856 working hours - Location: Spain
    Automatic, electronically-programmable off-bar machine for the production of medium and large-sized stirrups,
    shaped bars with bends at one or both ends, as well as for the cutting-to-length of bars up to 12m.
    This machine allows for the completion of the entire work cycle (cutting and shaping) on a single machine,
    without the necessity of intermediary transport of material.
    CONTACT: For more information and pictures, please contact: Evermak Email: Contact Person: Isaac Mateo
  • WANTED: Used table bender with controller capable of bending up to #11. (Ad Posted July 24, 2014)
    Also looking for a used circle bender.
    CONTACT: Please call Chris 314-286-3442.
  • WANTED: Second Hand RMS or KRB SPIRAL MACHINE up to 20MM. (Ad Posted June 30, 2014)
    CONTACT: April Laksetiowati, on email:
  • FOR SALE: #18 heavy duty table bender, factory rebuilt with new inverter drive and new Pro Controller (Ad Posted May 28, 2014)
    $24,000 (30% less than new) with warranty
    Also a System S stirrup bender, factory rebuilt, has a patented straightening system, comes with two decoilers,
    bends a double #3, double #4 or single #5, price is $115,000 with warranty
    CONTACT: sales at 905-734-4038
  • FOR SALE – CAD/CAM Made to Measure Welded Mesh (Ad Posted May 6, 2014)
    LINE: M SYSTEM 2000 by PROGRESS MASCHINEN & AUTOMATION, Purchase date: 2.008 Few working hours.
    Please, contact us so we can provide you with the full information.
    CONTACT: Luis Guerra; ; 0034660220251; 0034948415757
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Manufacturing & Processing Plant previously used by Pigazzi Reti Srl, located in Italy (Ad Posted March 28, 2014)
    Comapac Multipass Cold Drawing Rebar Line (2000)
    Line for Rebar, Cold Rolling Mill
    Automatic for Production of Armour of Panel Curtain
    N.L Effeci Unwinding Reels
    Froma SR16 Automatic Plant for the production of Molded Armour
    Boxy Electromeccanico Bobbin Overturner
    Qty Coils
    Delisi HS16H Straightening Machine (2004)
    Qty 3 - Omes RF20 Straightening Machines
    Qty 2 - Omes Pre 12 Wire Straightening & Cutting Machines
    Qty 3 – Manipulator Yards
    Caterpillar DP50 Diesel Fork Lift Truck (2000)
    Isea Milan ST14 Welder
    Cottrill & Co, 401-407 Tyburn Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B24 8HJ, United Kingdom
    CONTACT: For further information, photographs and price please contact us on + 44 (0) 121 328 2424 or email us:
  • FOR SALE: Table Benders, refurbished, #11 and #18 (Ad Posted March 28, 2014)
    Also available: a rebuilt System S auto stirrup bender for a double #3, double #4 or single #5 rebar
    CONTACT: please call Sales North America at 905-734-4038
  • WANTED: AIW Series 200 Controller or someone who can work on same! (Ad Posted March 20, 2014)
    Consider AIW 807DE Bender complete also.
  • FOR SALE: AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMABLE REBAR CUTTER --- immediate shipment - bargain price of $8,000 !! (Ad Posted February 28, 2014)
    Model: cutPRO25 (Made in India by a 20 year old company)
    To cut: 8/10/12/16mm rebars x 2nos each or 20/25mm x1 nos only
    Feed progress speed is 850 mm/sec. Cutting time is approx 3 secs. Accuracy of length is +/- 2 mm.
    Production capacity for cutPRO25 is 22-35T per 8 hrs (assuming 25mm bars, 9ft long cuts)
    CONTACT: Asad Adeni -- &
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Shear Line (Ad Posted January 25, 2014)
    Located in Turkey, we are a manufacturer and supplier for rebar shear lines.
    Feeding Line 13 m, Measuring Line 13 m. Stock Section, (3 or 4 sections). This machinery can cut standard or non-standard rebars.
    Adjustable Tampons 2 pcs. It can cut and stock in desired sizes for standard or non-standard rebar.
    By means of manual adjustable tampon, it can cut even non-standard rebars (curved, short, partly flat or curved) in one shift (8 hours).
    It can cut and stock 200-250 tons rebar (tonnage may vary according to size and length of the rebars.)
    For only standard iron, by modification, higher capacity may be obtained by one operator. Guarantee: 1 year or 2000 hours.
    Our machine can cut: 15 pieces of 32mm / 20 pieces of 25 mm/ 27 pieces of 20mm / 30 pieces of 16mm / 40 pieces of 12mm rebar.
    PRICE:85.000$ - Please note that we have Arabic and English catalogs available, and we will be glad to send a catalog to you.
    CONTACT: , mobile phone:+(90)5331360263
    POST:5. Sanayi sitesi kemalpasa mahallesi 7412 no:108 Bornova-izmir/TURKEY
  • FOR SALE: Rebar plant for sale consisting of the following machines: (Ad Posted January 17, 2014)
    1- KRB #1016 Rotary STIRRUPMATIC CNC Bender 16MM, 2004,1-KRB #1016 Rotary FABMATIC CNC Bender 16MM,2002,
    KRB#1016 AUTO STIRRUP CNC Bender 16MM,1999,
    KRB # H4002 Hydraulic Shear Line 10MM-55MM,2004 with all rack in feed and out feed racks,
    2-KRB #11 Hydraulic Bender with all tooling and accessories, 10MM TO 40MM, 2002 & 1999 W/ CNC Controls.
    KRB #14M Mechanical Bender 10MM TO 45MM with Tooling and accessories,
    2- KRB #114 MINI Shear Lines, 11MM-45MM with all racks in feed, out feed
    The machines are still in plant and can be seen under power. For information please contact: Ray Alvarez
  • WANTED: KRB #11 BENDER. Mechanical, Preferably. (Ad Posted January 9, 2014)
    Please send any info you may have, or call 256-301-9161 We are located in Decatur, Al.
    CONTACT: S. Cook, Ph: 256.301.9161, Fax: 256.301.4459 Email
  • FOR SALE: Shearline (used and only 2 years old low hours) with guillotine shear(635), (Ad Posted December 18, 2013)
    60 ft double sided double tier preload, includes bundle separator,
    50 ft gauge table, single sided 16-4 pocket bins, will be installed by the manufacturer with warranty at 40% less than new.
    Also available is a rebuilt auto stirrup bender which runs a single 3, 4 and 5 bar, available in North America
    CONTACT: call Sales at 905.734.4038
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment, used or new (Ad Posted November 20, 2013)
    Qatar based corporation wants to purchase equipment for their reinforcement steel bar cutting facility. Immediate need.
    1. Reinforcement Bar Cutting & Bending used machines CNC Controlled, Capacity from 8mm Dia to 40mm Dia
    2. Reinforcement Bar Cutting & Bending Used Machines CNC Controlled Capacity from 8mm to 30mm Dia - 1 Unit
    Please include prices for both: Complete machine and accessories price and a separate price for testing, commissioning and trailing.
    CONTACT: P.D.Mathew, Chief Executive, DANEM Industrial Works, P O Box : 30723, Al Khobar : 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Mob.: +974 5501 4343 /+971 50 5504762, (Tel): +966 3 8877 641 / 642 (Fax): +966 3 8877643 email:
  • FOR SALE : Automatic center elaboration bars MEP model Sintax line 25 (Ad Posted October 28, 2013)
    Year of fabrication 2003. 10,000 working hours.
    Included : Bar discharge trays produced 12 mts (two units), Stock bars 12 mts, Price 48000€
    CONTACT: technical information Carlos A. Mora +34657983416
  • FOR SALE : Complete Rebar Mill (excluding furnace) (Ad Posted October 28, 2013)
    We have a complete line (except for heating furnace) for production of rebar mill
    total 6 mills ( 16" x 1, 10" x 4, 8" x 1, ), two shearing machines, and cutter and compressor etc
    make Korean manufacturer, year 2006. Yearly throughput : 40,000 tons
    CONTACT: Email us at INSOL22@GMAIL.COM for details or call Mr. Woon Jee on +82 10 38999768
  • WANTED: Rebar bending machines, used or new (Ad Posted October 17, 2013)
    We represent a building company located in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe).
    We are interested in rebar bending machines; if you have one we would like to know the price and details.
    Maximum rebar bending diameter 26mm would be sufficient. Looking forward to your prompt reply.
    CONTACT: Tamta Magradze, Import and Procurement Manager, ARCHI GROUP – INVESTMENTS/CONSULTING/REALTY
    0162, I. Kifshidze str. #15 Tbilisi, Georgia Tel: +995 32 388772 *118 Mob: +995 93 58 81 48 E-mail:
  • FOR SALE: KRB Shear Line, hardly used (Ad Posted October 5, 2013)
    Fifty foot gauge table with five pocket single side kickoff. Canton 30 shear. DMI #14 bender, fair condition.
    42 foot wide gantry 5 ton radio controlled crane. 4 large hysters 2h165 2h200.
    CONTACT: Ask for Jeff, phone 1-818-768-1308. Southern California.
  • FOR SALE: RMS MINI SHEAR REBAR SHEAR LINE (Ad Posted October 1, 2013)
    Like New - Approximately 100 Hrs. - Will Shear #3 Thru #11 - Paid $60,000
    Micro Controller. Primary Voltage 230 or 480 Three Phase.
    20Ft of Single Side Gauging Table, with 3 Bin Pockets, 40" Roller Height, Left Hand Flow.
    40Ft Single Load Table, 40" Roller Height Left Hand Flow. Mini Hydraulic Shear with 40" Roller Height Left Hand Flow.
    CONTACT: for further information. Selling Price $49,500 OBO.
  • WANTED: Rebar Shear Line, used or new (Ad Posted September 16, 2013)
    Must be capable of handling Rebar diameters 10-40mm, max length 15 meters
    CONTACT: Joseba Etxebarrνa Lσpez, Spain/Espana, Dpto. Tιcnico-Comercial, EUROMAQUINA, S.L.
    Tel: (+34) 945 430 475/902 820 930 e-mail:
  • FOR SALE: EVG POLYBEND single 3, 4 & 5 excellent condition. (Ad Posted 9-6-13)
    Like New Schnell Idea 3 Wire Cage Welding machine.
    Single Seat Center Cab bobtail delivery truck.
    Pictures of the above are available upon request. Hurry - must be out by end of Month.
    CONTACT: Jim Dunyon, President, R & D STEEL, INC. ph (310) 631-6183 fax (310) 631-6067
  • FOR SALE: AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMABLE REBAR CUTTER -- cutPRO25 -- immediate shipment - bargain price !! (Ad Posted 8-12-13)
    Model: cutPRO25 (Made in India, 20 year old company)
    To cut: 8/10/12/16mm rebars x 2nos each or 20/25mm x1 nos only
    Feed progress speed is 850 mm/sec. Cutting time is approx 3 secs. Accuracy of length is +/- 2 mm.
    Production capacity for cutPRO25 is 22-35T per 8 hrs (assuming 25mm bars, 9ft long cuts)
    CONTACT: Asad Adeni -- &
  • WANTED: A used double bender PEDAX type Permatic (Ad Posted 8-5-13)
    or MEP type CS440 pictures, year and price contact Frank Richter
    CONTACT: Email
  • FOR SALE: STIRRUP BENDER CLEARANCE SALE -- Model 12C TJK Automatic Stirrup Bender (Ad Posted 7-31-13)
    Capacity: one #4, two #3, CNC Control; Software Menu with almost 100
    standard industry profiles; Two Payoff Reels. List Price: $52,900.00;
    CLEARANCE PRICE: $ 35,000.00. Price is FOB Pennsylvania warehouse.
    CONTACT: Walt Davic: 724-776-2477 or
  • FOR SALE: Double Bender MEP CS40 rebuilt, 45 ft connecting table, two mobile benders $45,000US (Ad Posted 7-19-13)
    MEP Concept 91 auto stirrup bender(double 3 double 4 single 5) with 2 decoilers rebuilt with warranty $145,000US
    CONTACT: Sales at 905-734-4038
  • WANTED: Used Rebar Shear Line (Ad Posted 7-9-13)
    Singapore based company needs a used rebar hydraulic guillotine shear line.
    The requirements are:
    a) bar size: 6mm through 60mm
    b) 2nos. 18m preload tables on conveyors
    c) 2 sets storage bins with air kickoff system and 6 pockets per set
    CONTACT: Kindly provide the details and asking prices to email
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment in excellent condition and spare parts: (Ad Posted 5-28-13)
    1. KRB Mini Shearline:
    Infeed conveyor, 12m x 250mm, Sleeves on all rollers, Infeed storage rack 12m x 2 levels
    KRB guillotine shear H-2000, KRB Touch Screen Control,
    Gauge table, 12m x 250mm double discharge, Sleeves on all rollers, Collecting pockets 12m X 4 bins
    2. Chain conveyor, 9m x 6 bins
    Used to speed up material handling between the shearline and any bender, KRB touchscreen control
    3. KRB full automatic Durabend 135 LT:
    Load Frame 3m X 1, Touchscreen control
    4. KRB Automatic stirrup Bender:
    KRB Miniform 612 coil, 2 adjustable coil cradles complete, KRB touchscreen control
    5. ASA rebar software with the main modules
    Shipment: worldwide. For any further information and pictures please contact us
  • WANTED: Rebar Equipment (Ad Posted 5-15-13)
    We are interested in purchasing good used rebar equipment.
    Shearlines, benders (up to 40mm size) and stirrup benders (12-16mm size).
    CONTACT: Vineet Deorari, Director, Cell No +91 81288 3971 or email
  • FOR SALE: Turnkey Based Project Solutions for Re- Bar Mills (Continuous or semi continuous) (Ad Posted 4-26-13)
    Rmt Tools India Pvt. Ltd is a Pioneer in the field of Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection of Hot Steel Rolling Mills & Auxiliary Machinery
    Contact:, Mobile: +91-9988571006
  • FOR SALE: REBAR for construction use - Professional Chinese manufacturer of reinforcing steel bar and round bar since 1995
    Grade: HPB235 HRB335 HRB400 HRB500 A400C A500C G40 G60 G65 Q235 Q195
    Straight bar size: 8mm~32mm dia, Wire rod size: 5.5mm~12mm, Wire rod coil weight: 1600KG, Straight bar length: 5~12 meters
    Only 2 hours drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport and 1.5 hours from Hangzhou Airport
    CONTACT: Chen Feng, Manager, Tel: 0086-572-3511716, email:
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    3 x Permatic Double benders, 3 x Pedax 60CB benders, Pedax bender 2 no, pedax bender with spiral attachment 1 no, various Sila cutters and benders,
    3 no Schnell pile cage machines GTM400/2000/16E, Shearline Pedax RS 500 complete with numerous conveyors, Shearline RS 300 complete.
    All Machinery currently in the United Arab Emirates.
    CONTACT: +971502180330 or +971504554348
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    #18 table bender rebuilt with new inverter drive and new controller(6 month warranty)............$23,000
    Staff 89 auto stirrup bender rebuilt with 6 month warranty, bends a single 3,4 or 5 ..................$55,000
    CONTACT: call Sales at 905-734-4038
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    Automatic stirrup bender, MEP model Format S 12, includes 2 basament pay/off and 2 holder coils.
    Automatic center elaboration bars-stirrups MEP model Mini Syntax, includes 4 basament pay /off and 4 holder coils.
    CONTACT: for more details and photos, contact person Mr. Agustν Costabella Marco
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Machines priced to reduce 2012 inventory
    Rebuilt #18 Table Bender with new inverter drive and warranty
    Rebuilt MEP Concept 91 and decoilers, processes a double 3 double 4 or single 5 ....with warranty
    New Radius Bender with memory controller for memorized shapes
    New Spiralform to 16mm(#5 bar) priced to move includes decoiler
    New Guillotine Shearline capable of adding sections.....priced to move inventory
    CONTACT: call Sales at 905-734-4038
  • FOR SALE : Cut to length machine up to 40mm 3 ways with air compressor and bars storage including.
    Fully automated double-bender with a bending capacity up to Ψ40mm. Variable control of roller conveyor speed via the frequency regulator.
    Rolls conveyor with ejection on both side. 44 000 Euros .
    An Automatic Bender double head ROBOMASTER 60-12 and SHEAR LINE 500 PLANT with
    automatic feeder MEGAGENIUS 16 by SCHNELL Purchase date: 11-02-2.008. Few working hours. SALE PRICE: 285.900 €
    MULTIFUNCTION CENTER BAR WISER 26/12 by SCHNELL Purchase date: 11-02-2.008. Few working hours. SALE PRICE: 183.650 €
    2 AUTOMATIC STIRRUP BENDER PROGRESS MOD. EBA 16/5 Purchase date: 11-02-2.008. Few working hours.: 95.000 € each
    CONTACT: Mickael Philippe , tel: +33 646 587 327 or e-mail :
  • FOR SALE - Rebar Equipment.
    New GMS HB12 wire mat bending machine, capacity 120” x 3/8” dia. wire. List Price: $ 19,750.00 – SALE PRICE: $ 15,000.00
    New GMS H38 yard shear #9 bar capacity: $ 6,250.00
    Used GMS M26 mechanical shear #7 bar capacity: $ 4,500.00
    New TJK Automatic Stirrup Bender, Model 12C; capacity: 1 - #4; 2 - #3
    Includes two Payoff Reels; CNC Control: List Price $ 52,900.00; SALE PRICE: $ 45,000.00
    CONTACT: Walt Davic, Penntech Industrial Tools, 724-776-2477,
  • FOR SALE - Rebar Equipment.
    LINE #1: M SYSTEM 2000 by PROGRESS MASCHINEN & AUTOMATION, Purchase date: 11-02-2.008
    LINE #4 STRAIGHTENER & CUTTER MSR – ARV 16/6 by PROGRESS MASCHINEN & AUTOMATION, Purchased 11-02-2.008. Few hours.
    LINE #7 NEDERMAN WELDING FUMES EXTRACTION INSTALLATION, Purchase date: 11-02-2.008. Few working hours.
    CONTACT: Luis Guerra; ; 0034660220251; 0034948415757
  • FOR SALE - Used Rebar Fabrication Equipment
    Shear Line, 1 No., 2004 Schnell, ITC 300-12, capacity 12 MT / 8 Hrs for Cut & Bent and 25 MT / 8Hrs for Straight Bars
    Shear Line, 1 No., 1998 Gricor Impianti S.R.L, LINEA DI TAGLIO, Capacity 15 MT / 8 Hrs for Cut & Bent and 30 MT / 8Hrs for Straight Bars
    Shear Line, 1 No., 1994 OSCAM, Hydraulic T 300, Capacity 50 MT / 8 Hrs for Cut & Bent and 100 MT / 8Hrs for Straight Bars
    Robo – Master, 2 Nos. 2004 Model RM - 40/12, Bending Capacity 12MM - 40MM Dia
    Manual Bender, 1 No., ICARO P 42, SERIAL 42, IP 4914, Bending Capacity upto 32MM Dia
    Manual Bender, 1 No., 2006 ICARO P 42, SERIAL 42, IP 4910, Bending Capacity upto 32MM Dia
    Pile Cage Machine, 7 Nos., 2003 GTM – 1500 / 200 – 20 E, Capacity Max Length 20 Mtr, Dia 1.5 Mtr
    Pile Cage Machine, 1 No., 2003 GTM – 1500 / 200 – 16, Capacity Max Length 16 Mtr, Dia 1.5 Mtr
    Spiral Bending Machine, 2 Nos., 2004 CER – 32.2 V, SCHNELL, Bending Capacity 6MM - 32MM Dia
    CONTACT: Email
  • FOR SALE - Automatic stirrups bender,Schnell model Prima 12,year made 2002,includes 2 basament pay/off and 2 holder coils,price 17000€
    Automatic center elaboration bars-stirrups Schnell model Eura 16,year made 2005,includes 3 basament pay /off and 3 holder coils price 65000€.
    CONTACT: for more details and photos ,,tel 0034657983416,contact person Mr. Carlos Adrian Mora
  • FOR SALE – WIRE MESH MACHINES AND LINES (we also have chain link fence and barbed wire machines, contact us for information)
    Just a few examples of the fine equipment we can offer you:
    Complete Welded Wire Mesh Plant; Schlatter Model MG-208, 4-12mm, wire dia. range: 2400mm width, new 2004
    EVG Model G45/102 Welded Wire Mesh Line; cross & longitudinal wires fed from coils; max. welding width: 2600mm (102")
    2008 Schlatter Mesh Welding Line; Model Pg24.1 (SM-24B); made in 2008, max. cross wire panel: 2500mm; wire dia.: 4-12mm
    EVG Model GE12/96 Welded Wire Mesh Line; made in 2005. min-max. welding width: 1200mm-2400mm; min-max mesh lgth: 2000 to 6000mm
    CONTACT: for more details and photos at – OR CONTACT: Contact person – Leonardo Matan
  • FOR SALE – Rebar Fabrication Equipment.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida email = Ed. Dias (954) 275-0271 FAX # (954)530-8603 Pictures available.
  • FOR SALE : Rebar Equipment.
    Demo 2010 Gensco 1200 Mini Guillotine Only
    Features 12” wide (300mm) shear blades – 4 sided reversible. Supplied as standard with 12” wide (300mm) x 5 foot (1520mm), powered in-feed, drop down roller conveyor, hydraulic cylinder with hold down device on exit side of shear head.
    Specs: Size: 35” wide x 89-1/2” long x 73” high (includes hyd power pack) 20HP - 230/460V - 95 Ton cutting force
    Approx cap: 3 x #11 (35mm -1.375”), 4 x #10 (32mm – 1.25”), 6 x #9 (29mm – 1.125”) 8 x #8 (25.4mm – 1”), 9 x #6 (20mm - .75”), 12 x #5 (16mm - .625”), 15 x #4 (12mm – .5”), 21 x #3 (10mm - .375”) - Shear weight approx 4900lbs (2300kgs) plus hydraulic power pack
    Price: $ 25,000 USD - FOB Toronto –
    ALSO: HILL ACME “CANTON" Rebuilt model 22A Mechanical Alligator Shear
    Fully rebuilt as necessary and in excellent operating condition,
    Shear features 24” blades, bronze bushings throughout, heavy duty cast steel head and base.
    Powered by 10 HP electric motor, voltage as per customer requirements. 220 or 440 volts 3 ph, 60 Hz
    Left hand and right hand models available – subject to availability and lead times.
    Equipped with EATON air clutch and brake assembly, installed with air and electric controls, with foot pedal control for single cut operation. Supplied with flywheel and bullgear guard. Customer is responsible for suitable guarding over cutting head) Capacity in mild steel bars: approx 3” diameter
    Machine weight: Approx. 13,000 lbs. Price: $ 24,000 USD - FOB Toronto
  • FOR SALE: INDUCTOTHERM (INDIA) PVT. LTD., INDIA is a supplier of Induction Heaters for Rebar FBE Coating.
    Equipment is rated for 750 kW output power and gives approx. 20 tons/hr for achieving temp. of 240 deg.C prior to FBE Coating of Rebars.
    We manufacture Induction Heaters for 12 Bars or 18 Bars in parallel, 8mm to 40mm diameter rebars, 12 meter long.
    Our company is a 100% subsidiary of Inductotherm Inc., USA
    CONTACT: Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd., Ambli-Bopal Road, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 380058. E-mail ID: Cell # 0091 93769 80451 Phone # 0091 2717 306115.
  • FOR SALE: G3/102 EVG Welded Wire Mesh Line
    2700mm max. cross wire length, 2550mm max. welding width, 2mm – 11.6 mm wire range, 50mm min. spacing,
    line wires from coils, cross from precut, 35 welding heads included, 24 pay offs, shear, electrics new 2005.
    Also For Sale: KRB 1016 Rebar Straightener and Cutoff,
    12 meter runout, dual arbor, 16mm max. wire dia. New 2007
    CONTACT: Fortune Machinery, Bill Fortine, 203 367 5150,
  • WANTED: A production line for fiberglass and basalt plastic reinforcement
    Capacity of about 5 meters per minute (not the sum, while each), you may double or quadruple. (Automatic or semi-automatic)
    - Production of pultruded fiberglass - A video highlighting the work detail line - Photos of samples of goods manufactured
    - A description of the technological process of production, the components used (preferably epoxy resin and not polyester)
    - It is desirable that the line was working on the raw ingredients produced in Russia (but possibly different)
    - Cost of the line including delivery, commissioning, production prototypes, training, warranty and post warranty repairs, wearing parts in the process line
    - Requirements for placement of production workshop (size, temperature, lighting, communications lines necessary)
    - Requirements for electricity, water, sewer, compressed air, etc. - Delivery lead time (which port?)
    CONTACT: Michael Mishris phone 1-858-673-8890
  • FOR SALE: 2006 Rod Chomper Rebar Bender
    Model RBRE11MD 10 HP, 240 Volt, 3 Phase,60 cycle 28 amp. Picture available.
    CONTACT: Ray, email, Phone 954-640-8623
  • FOR SALE: Mesh welding machine
    TJK is the leading producer of reinforced processing machinery in China, and sells to more than 60 countries and regions.
    Construction Mesh Welding Machine, Lattice girder welding machine, Wire cold rolling machine, Stirrup bender
    Wire straightening and cutting machine, Rebar shearing line, Rebar bending line
    Mini rebar shearing line, Vertical rebar double bender, Cage making machine
    CONTACT: TEL:8615001135592
  • FOR SALE: CRS Spiral, Radius & Ring Rebar Forming Machine Model 35
    Capacity #3- #9, Forming Speed 45 FPM, Drive Roll Diameter (2) 8"
    forming Roll Adjustment 4", Electric Foot Pedal, Horsepower: 5 PRICE: $8,500.00
    Also FOR SALE: CRS Programmable Rebar Bender
    Capacity #3- #18, Turntable Diameter 26" Center Pin Diameter 1 15/16"
    Turning Speed Variable, Table Size 72" x 60", Dimensions (L x W x H) 73" x 62" x 65"
    Equipped With: CRS 8 Staion Programmable Control, 2- Adjustable Back Up Rams
    Variable Speed Vector Drive, 4 Speed Transmission PRICE: $16,500.00
    Also FOR SALE: CRS Spiralform Automatic Rebar Machine Model: Spiralform 98
    Wire Range #3- #7 Cutting #3- #6
    Equipped With: CRS Model ATM- 100 Programmable Control PRICE: $29,500.00
    Also FOR SALE: Mep Automatic Rebar Strirrup Bending Machine, Wire Range #6- #16 PRICE: $125,000.00
    CONTACT: Armando Sandoval, Industrial Assets Machinery, ph 323-587-1887
  • WANTED: A complete Rebar Line; preferably good second hand but will consider new. Needed immediately.
    To manufacture Rebar from 8mm to 40mm and comprise : Benders, Cutters, Link Maker, Feed.
    Rollers / Beds, Receiving Rollers / Beds, Raw Bar Stores Racks,
    Labeling Machine, Overhead Traveling Crane 10 MT – 100 m Travel.
    Computerized Cutting Bending capability OUTPUT Min 50 Max 70 MT per 10 hr day
    CONTACT: Farooq Ahmad, Taurus Metal, Ras al Khaimah Tel : + 971 50 8701922 E Mail:
  • WANTED: A small Rebar Straightener, not high capacity.
    Needed for taking a small length of rebar in 3 and 4 foot lengths then straightening back to a straight piece for re-use.
    Using the rebar as reinforcement in foundry molds and then want to reuse for future casting molds.
    CONTACT: Rick Krieger, email
  • FOR SALE: KRB servoform 1020ST with computer controller station, 2.5 years old. Quit business, forced to sell.
    Would like to get $60,000.00 which is only half of its value. It's a very good machine and can keep 2 men busy all day.
    Also have a RMS guillotine shear for sale. Capable of shearing 15 #5 at a time or up to #12 bar.
    Shear is in great shape on nicks on the blade would like to get $20,000.00 Can send pictures of both machines.
    CONTACT: call @ 425-359-1759 or 360-815-0285 or email
  • WANTED: Our precast component mfg yard needs an automated cut & bend combo line machine.
    If you can supply this machinery, please advise and quote us ASAP.
    Prefab Technology Pte Ltd, 66 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729367
    CONTACT: Jan Lew, Procurement Executive t: (65) 63683233 @233 f: (65) 63658316 e:
  • FOR SALE: A complete welding line for wire mesh.
    EVG model GE 12/96, year of manufacture 2006.
    Parts of machine: 1. Main unit 2. Automatic packaging line 3. Cooling system
    The line is in as-new condition, worked only 9 months. The location is Europe,Serbia, town Belgrade.
    Price quotation available by request. Also, we can arrange transportation.
    CONTACT: Marko Joksic, at or tel. +381646424333
  • FOR SALE: A complete bending and cutting rebar production line.
    1 stema pedax twinmaster 12 sx 031 with accesory year 2007 cnc machine,
    1 stema pedax twinmaster 16 ii 021 with accesory year 2007 cnc machine,
    1 stema pedax pilemaster ( pile cage cnc machine ) year 2007,
    1 stema pedax combiline with permatic for bars year 2007.
    The line is in as-new condition . The location is Europe Romania city of Cluj.
    The price for the line is 375.000 eur. We can arrange also transportation.
    We can sell also items separately.
    CONTACT: Ing Ionita Catalin 0040726136333
  • FOR SALE: Bar Bender / Cutter 32mm to 52mm / Breaker Compactor Concrete Cutter Mixer (electric)
    Power Trowel Rammer Concrete Vibrator Diesel Engine Electrical Motor / Vibrator Generator Set Submersible Pump Water Pump
    We are a company in Singapore that specializes in high quality construction machinery.
    Please contact us for specific information
    CONTACT: Kenneth Ong at
  • WANTED: Rebar
    Rebar needed for use in a housing project located in South America.
    Please contact us for specific information about the material requirements.
    CONTACT: Mauricio Cano, Doral Florida, 33172 Tel: 786-469-7109
  • WANTED: Rebar Bending Machine
    Electric Operated, Floor Mounted, Stationary type, Heavy duty
    Maximum Bending Capacity: from 10MM to 30MM DIA
    Power Input: 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 3 Wires, 60 HZ, MAKE: Harlow or any equivalent
    Also WANTED: Rebar Cutting Machine
    Electric Operated, Floor Mounted, Stationary type, Heavy duty
    Maximum Cutting Capacity: up to 30MM DIA
    Power Inout: 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 3 Wires, 60 HZ MAKE: Simpedil, Italy or any equivalent.
    CONTACT: Shajahan Mogral, Maxer Oil & Gas Equipment Trading L.L.C,
    P.B.No.113816, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Office +9712-6506478, E-mail
  • FOR SALE: Brand New Packaged STEMA Twinmaster 20 Stirrup Bender
    Double Strand 16mm – 10mm, Single Strand 20mm – 10mm. Max Speed 110m/min
  • FOR SALE: KRB rebar shearline for sale, new in 2008 (never installed)
    60' x 18" Stock Entry Side with Conveyor - Preload System, Single Side Stock Rack
    2008 KRB H4002 Hydraulic Guillotine shear
    15M x 18" RH S/D Measuring Gage - 10 x 4 Bin 42" Pockets, 460v three phase electrics
    CONTACT: Sean Abenstein, Gensco Equipment Inc. / Gensco America, (416) 465-7521
  • FOR SALE: Mesh benders, fully reconditioned.
    Mesh bending machine, 3m working width, bending up to 12mm, 30 wires. Cams with 40mm diameter of madrels.
    CONTACT: Mr. A. Vassilopoulos, Sales manager,, VACOM / Hellas Tel: +302610523456
  • FOR SALE: Mini Shearline 12" conveyor, 60 foot preload, 50 foot Gauge, (new) $95,000
    Auto Stirrup Bender 85V forms up to 16mm diameter, rebuilt to new, with two decoilers $65,000
    Table Bender Heavy Duty (new) bends up to 45mm, $28,000
    Call Mark ph. 905-734-4038
  • WANTED: Mesh cutter and Bender, also a Mini-Shearline.
    CONTACT: Please Phone 07725 165700
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    TJK Machinery is a leading Chinese company in manufacturing reinforcement processing machinery.
    We are an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company,
    Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU, North and South America, more than 60 countries and regions all over the world and our service team provides fastest after-sale services.
    Our product: Stirrup Bender, Wire Straight-Cut Machine, Cold Rolling Machine, Mesh Welding Line , Lattice Girder Machinery, Rebar Shear Line, Automatic Rebar Bending Centre, Cage Making Machine
    Contact: Rocky, TJK Machinery, MOB: +86 18611143667, TEL:+86 10 84938049, TEL +86 22 26993711
    Gmail: Email:
  • WANTED: New or existing Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebar Coating Plant (10000 MT).
    Client looking for a new/old Fusion Bonded Epoxy rebar coating plant capable of powder coating carried on roller table.
    Capacity Powder coating is about 200 microns thick and baked at 230 deg C for a smaller capacity plant (max 10000 MT).
    Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines, whatever is available for 8mm to 32 mm bars.
    Please give offer with complete technical details, photographs, with cost, CIF Dubai.
    CONTACT: A. Deshmukh, email
  • FOR SALE: KRB hydraulic shear line. 40'- double tier, 2 side shake out, power rollers, shear (cuts up to 12pc #11 bar)
    40' dump measuring table, 4 bin kick off pockets. Drop gauge table. 63k.
    Also, KRB, Arnold #14 table bender 15k.
    Also, Chain Conveyor 40' long for dump off shearline to table bender. 20k.
    CONTACT: Mark at email address
  • FOR SALE: Job Site Rebar benders fully reconditioned.
    Rebar bending machine for up to 25mm, single bending direction (clock wise),
    working by using foot pendant, angle setting by using pins.
    CONTACT: Mr. Alexandros Vassilopoulos, Sales manager,,
    VACOM Vareltzis, Patras, Hellas, Tel: 00302610523456, Fax: 00302610523325.
  • WANTED: Rebar Shearline and other used rebar equipment.
    CONTACT: Mr. Pierre Colangelo, Production and Procurement Manager, AGF Group, Quebec, Canada
    ph 450-442-9494 ext 2361, email
  • FOR SALE : Stema Stirrup Bender TWINMASTER 16 II-Year 2006
    As new Tel:0097150 650 7545
    Tel. :+97150 650 7545 Fax :+9714 271 9095
  • FOR SALE: CRTS, Inc. is a supplier of Rebar Coating Plant Equipment.
    Our typical plant equipment is an in-line system, up to 12 Bars in parallel, 8mm through 40mm diameter rebar, 12 meter bar length,
    shotblast cleaning, induction heating, the coating process is fusion bonded epoxy electrostatically applied.
    Our clients report 3500 metric tons per month coated bar production. 18 meter length can be accommodated.
    Upon request, an 18-Bar design can be accommodated.
    CONTACT: CRTS, Inc. 1807 N. 170th E. Ave Tulsa , Oklahoma U.S.A 74116 email
  • WANTED: Shearline Chain Feeder.
    This equipment is needed to transport bars from the shearline gauging table sideways to double-ended benders.
    CONTACT: Mr. Steve Ridley, Steel Manufacturing Resources Pty Ltd, email
  • WANTED: Requesting a quotation for the following rebar fabricating equipment:
    1. Wire Mesh Cutting Machine 01 Unit
    2. Wire Mesh Bending Machine 01 Unit
    Your quotation should reach us expeditiously, in the soonest possible span of time.
    Contact: Adesh Kumar, Purchasing Coordinator, Khonaini International Company Ltd., D.H.P.D
    Tel. No#03-3461352, Fax. No#03-3462887, Mob. No.#0507195788
  • WANTED: Brand New Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebar Coating Plant. This is a serious enquiry, immediate procurement of all items below.
    > Our company is looking for a new Fusion Bonded Epoxy rebar coating plant capable of powder coating 12 nos. rebars at a time (12 strands)
    carried on roller table, capacity 100,000 t/year (2 lines of 50,000 t/year each). Powder coating is about 200 microns thick and baked at 230 deg C.
    > Also, we are seeking to purchase a brand new, state of the art, complete automatic rebar & stirrup line.
    comprised of: cutting, bending. computerized bending & cutting, capacity 100 MT every 10 hours shift.
    Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines, whatever is available for 8mm to 32 mm bars.
    Please give offer with complete technical details, photographs, with cost, FOB Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
    > In addition to the above equipment, we are looking for:
    A new epoxy coating processing line to produce 100,000 t/ year.
    A fully automatic rebar cut to length and bending processing line, state of the art equipment, to process atleast 100,000 t/ year.
    More details upon request. Please contact Rajiv Asthana, email:, 00966-569182574
  • FOR SALE: Used Rebar Equipment in Sacramento CA.
    RMS #14 Hydraulic Bender, ARNOLD #14 Bender, KRB Stirup-Matic w/3 Payouts
    CONTACT:, PH 916.922.6561
  • WANTED: We are seeking to purchase a complete rebar & stirrup line, preferably good second-hand.
    comprised of: cutting, bending. computerized bending & cutting, capacity 100 MT every 10 hours shift.
    Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines,
    whatever is available for 8mm to 40 mm bars.
    Please give offer with complete technical details, photographs, with cost, c.i.f Mumbai, India.
    Chandrakala Bangera,, 9833165359
  • WANTED: Used stirrup bender up to 12mm capacity in UAE.
    Please call Mr. Banerjee, phone +971504814670 or email your offer to
    A. Banerjee, Sr. Manager, Khk Scaffolding & Formwork LLc, Tel: +971 06 7439013, Fax: +971 06 7439017
  • FOR SALE: Stema Pedax Pile cage welding machine.
    This machine will make cages from 350mm to 1200mm and up to 12m long.
    It has only been used for 20hours.
    For more information, interested parties should contact:
    Joe Kavanagh, James's Street Steel Manufacturing Ltd.,
    611 Jordanstown Road, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co Dublin
    Ph: 01 -4587156, 01-4587165, Fx: 01 -4587204, Mobile: 087 - 2557112, e-mail:
  • WANTED: Rebar Bending Machines and Rebar Cutting Machines.
    PACKER STEEL LTD is the largest steel processing company in Israel.
    We are looking for new or used machines in good condition (MEP, EVG, Schlatter, Stema/Pedax, Oscam, etc) as follows:
    1 Mesh machine from pre-cut bars. 1 Cold rolling straightening & cutting machine. 1 Wire cold rolling of smooth 7 ribbed wire.
    1 Straightening, cutting and bending machine (from bars) up to 28 mm. 1 Stirrup bending machine (from coils) up to 12 mm.
    1 Stirrup bending machine (from coils) 3D up to 16 mm. 1 Stirrup bending machine (from coils) up to 20 mm.
    1 Cutting Center up to 40 mm 100 ton per day.
    1 Automatic Shaping Center. 1 Cage making machine OD 1100-1200 mm length 1500 – 1800 mm.
    1 Cage making machine OD 1500 - 1600 mm length 1500 – 1800 mm. 1 Pre- cage assembling machine.
    Please email information (photos, prices, etc) to Amir Yari, Email, Tel 972-8-662-5025, Fax 972-8-662-5006
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Bending Machines and Rebar Cutting Machines.
    New, manufactured by Jaypee India Limited. What distinguishes us is quality and price.
    CONTACT:Kamil Pawlowicz email
    Jaypee India Ltd., Trinity 5G, 226/1 AJC Bose Rd., Kolkata 700020, India, T: +91 33 22890497, F: +91 33 22890859
  • FOR SALE: We can offer a full rebar processing and fabrication plant including shear lines, benders,
    stirrup link formers, spiral production, welded wire mesh plant
    Fully automatic Rebar Fabrication plant and machiner. Fully automatic Welded Wire Mesh production plant.
    CONTACT: Vishal Gajjar, Swastik Entech Pvt. Ltd., E-82, Electronics Estate, GIDC, Behind Videocon, Tata Cross Road,
    Sector - 26, Gandhinagar - 382026, Gujarat, India., Cell No - +91-9725009889, Tele Fax No - +91-79-23287112 / 113, or write to
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    STEMA rebar shearline , HAMBI cutting machine, SCHNELL Cage making machine,
    STEMA Rollmaster, STEMA Shearline , STEMA Stirrup Bending
    CONTACT: alfawar.uae , Tel:0097150 6507545
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Equipment
    OZAYLAR MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO. is a well-known manufacturer company of Light Construction Machinery located in Ankara, Turkey.
    Our products: Vibrating Tandem Rollers, Plate Compactors, Power Trowels (Concrete Grinding Machines), Asphalt & Concrete Cutting Machines,
    Rebar Cutting Machines, Rebar Bending Machines, Concrete Vibrators, and Concrete Mixers.
    With our experienced technical team, we manufacture with quality and offer you attractive prices, one year guarantee.
    Our machines are modern construction machinery/equipments, with European Standard, exclusively high quality,
    have CE and also ISO 9001-2000 Certificate and MADE IN TURKEY.
    As a reference of our products, we are exporting to several countries in Middle East, Africa and Asia.
    Our products are superior, while our prices are entirely moderate and significantly more affordable compared to well-known European and American rivals
    Contact: Cumhur KOSEOGLU, Foreign Trade Director, OZAYLAR MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.
    Address: 3. Sokak No: 3 OSTIM 06370 Ankara / T U R K E Y, Phone : + 90 312 354 61 99, Fax : + 90 312 354 61 23, Email :
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Locator
    NDT James Instruments, Inc. Data Scan Sophisticated Rebar Locator
    Model C-4974 professional. Still new in aluminum case. $ 2,000. F.O.B. MCR
    Contact: Mission City Rebar, Inc. 542 Mc Graw Ave.Livermore, Ca. 94551
    Phone 925-449-6999 Fax 925-447-8797 John Gonzales
  • WANTED: We are looking for a used console for our KRB Stirrupmatic Model 345 S.
    If we could just purchase the two boards labeled KRB 16022 then we would not need the entire console.
    Contact: Samuel Williams, South Pacific Steel (A Harris Rebar Company)
    91-178 Kalaeloa Blvd , Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 , Tel# (808)682-4766 , Fax#(808)682-4732
  • FOR SALE: Kardong Rebar Benders:
    These machines are used but all are in working condition and sold "as-is" F.O.B. MCR
    #1) Standard stock Kardong bender 220v bends sizes 1/4" to #6 $1,000.00
    #2) Standard stock Kardong bender 220v " " With attached table $800.00
    #3) Modified Kardong bender 220v (can be used in automatic mode) $1,500.00
    Also; Feeder Table for shear 60'-0" long (older Arnold Brand ) $1,000.00
    50'0" stock table w/ rollers for Arnold or RMS large #14 auto bender $ 800.00
    Contact: Mission City Rebar, Inc. 542 Mc Graw Ave.Livermore, Ca. 94551
    Phone 925-449-6999 Fax 925-447-8797 John Gonzales
  • WANTED: We are seeking to purchase a complete rebar & stirrup line, preferably good second-hand but will consider new,
    comprised of: cutting, bending, link maker, feed rollers/beds, receiving rollers/beds, raw bar store racks, labeling machine,
    computerized bending & cutting, capacity 100 MT every 10 hours shift.
    Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines, whatever is available for 8mm to 40 mm bars.
    Please give offer with complete technical details, photographs, with cost c.i.f Mumbai, India.
    Contact: Surendra Arya, +91 93210 82053,
    Arya Group of Industries 323, Vyapar Bhavan,41 P.D'Mello Rd, Masjid (East), Mumbai 400009, India,
    Phone +91 (22) 32233966/67. Fax +91 (22) 23481367009
  • FOR SALE: Automatic computerized stirrup bending machine for 5 – 12 mm, year 2008.
    Asking price USD 150,000 - FOB Reykjavik Iceland.
    Contact: Orn Gunnlaugsson, tel +354 897 2794
  • FOR SALE: Hambi mesh cutter & bender for sale, will split or consider package. £7,000 if sold together.
    All sorts of shear lines for sale and manufactured, will consider installations worldwide.
    Also we have for sale, EVG PBN16mm, build year 1990, price £19,000.
    We also have a PBLS £19,000 year of manufacture 1990
    New Underslung Verlinde hoist 5Ton £1,500
    Lansing electric forklift truck,model FOER, year 1990, 72 Volts,1.8Ton lift,reasonable condition complete with charger.
    --SOLD-- EVG Polybend L £6,000 --This item has been SOLD--
    Contact: Peter Wilson (projects manager) mobile;07736695450 office (England) 01724 840609
  • WANTED: We are looking for the following:
    Complete rebar manufacturing plant with capability of min. 10mts per day production 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" & 1"
    to be located outside the US.
    Also: Need all the parts for the production of rebar in another location LESS the smelter (arc furnace)
    Contact: Richard Col, Col Industries Inc., P.O.Box 72631, Providence, RI 02907, ph (401) 536-1616
  • WANTED: We wish to buy a new automatic line for cutting and straightening steel rebar.
    Diameter 8mm to 19mm.Machine Speed 2 meters per second. Electricity 440V 3 phase 60 Hz
    Contact: Robert Singh, Manager, Apex Trading Company, 31 La Seiva Road, Maraval, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Phone 868 464 7014
  • FOR SALE: Stirrup Bending
    - Stema Twinmatic 16 XV Year 1993
    - Stema Unimatic 12 V Year 2004
    - Stema Steelmaster 12 V Year 1987
    - Schnell Prima 12 Year 2004 Shearline
    - Stema METAX N Year 1998
    Contact: alfawar_uae, UAE , DUBAI , Tel: 009714 271 7783 , Fax:009714 271 9095
  • WANTED: We are seeking a rebar shear line to cut up to one inch rebar.
    I have a price buyer of $30,000.00
    call Larry Couch at 972 977 4947 or Email
  • FOR SALE: Schnell Prima 12 Stirrup Bending Machine , Year 2006 , Wire diameter 1x12 mm, 2x8 mm
    Contact: Tel: +97714 271 7783 , F: +9714 271 9095
  • WANTED: One of our customers is looking for a Pre-straightener, Bar Peeler and Straightening/Polishing machine for
    Stainless Steel Bar of diameters preferably between 50mm(or lower) to 150mm.
    Please offer whatever sized machines you have giving detailed specification, make, age, condition and prices.
    Contact: Dinesh Arora/ President, SUN IMPORTS, 301, GUPTA ARCADE , PLOT NO 5, L.S.C., OPP. SAMACHAR APARTMENT,
    MAYUR VIHAR, PHASE -I (EXTN.), DELHI - 110091 ( INDIA ) TEL: (011) - , 22712345, 22716789 FAX: - (011) 22718844
    MOBILE : +91- 9810226146 E -MAIL: &
  • FOR SALE: Rebar Machinery for sale.
    TJK Company is a manufacturer for mesh welding machines, rebar bending centres, shearing lines,
    stirrup bending machines, wire straightening & cutting machines, cold rolling machines and butt welding machines.
    Contact: Mr. Franco Chiang, email, phone number: +65-67427 7566
  • FOR SALE: Complete shearline/shear for sale.
    Purchased from RMS in 1980.
    We are located in Jackson, Mississippi
    Contact: John Caldwell Jr ph: 601 932-2106 email:
  • FOR SALE: We are a leading company in China that manufactures a variety of machinery,
    such as shearing machines, bending machines, etc. Very reliable quality and low price.
    Contact:Summer Tel: +86-555-6760585 Fax: +86-555-6760568 Mob:+86-13866427712 Skype: zymt007
  • FOR SALE : STEMA Rebar Stirrup bender Twinmaster 16 II , YEAR 2004,
    Wire diameter 2 x 6 – 2x12,7 mm , 1 x 6 – 1x16 mm
    Contact: Tel: +97714 271 7783 , F: +9714 271 9095.
  • Wanted: Sub. Reinforcement Steel Factory (Concrete)
    We are very interested in buying a reconditioned steel factory to make concrete steel bars.
    Interested parties please send full specifications for the factory,
    including the total price, the terms of payment, as well as the installation period.
    Please contact Nasrin at email address:
  • Wanted: We have a rolling mill producing 10,000 MT/ month 8mm to 32 mm rebar.
    We want to epoxy coat 2500 MT/month of various rebar sizes.
    We are interested in a new or used epoxy system.
    Write with details to S.N.Rao at
    Also, we are searching for consultants for the above plants.
  • Wanted - We are an India-based steel service center looking to purchase the following:
    Used and reconditioned rebar processing machines for 1500 tons per month.
    With one automatic stirrup bending machine of 12mm capacity, 1 nos shear line and 4 number bending machine up to 32mm capacity.
    Please contact via email:
  • For sale : Second-hand Automatic Stirrup bender , Straight, Cutting, Bending machine MEP System S model 1990
    Straightening machine MEP Metronic 16 Year 2000 (AS NEW) Working from 6 to 16 mm coil,
    MEP Stirrup Bender Staff 12 Year 2001 , Beta System Stirrup Bender Year 1996
    Alfawar Trading L.L.C , DUBAI ,UAE , Tel.: 009714 271 7783, Fax: 009714 271 9095 , Email: alfawar_uae@
  • Wanted - Coil Rebar Straightener and Cut-To-Length
    Our company is searching for a used or new complete line to produce rebar from coils.
    Diameter of rebar: 3/8” to ½”
    Weight of coils: 1800 Kg ( 4000 pounds )
    Length required: 6 m to 12 m (20΄ to 40΄)
    Contact: Iρaki Contreras, ICOTECNICA, C.A., +58-412-4800641, +58-244-3234109, Fax +58-244-3234109,,, RIF: J-31517559-2
  • Wanted – We are seeking to purchase a good second-hand Rebar Spiral Bender for up to #6 bar (20M).
    Contact: Kate Grady, RMI Construction Services – fax: 978/372-4042 or e-mail to
  • For sale : Rebar processing : Stirrup Bender MEP syntax YOM2002 , stirrup bender MEP Concept 91 YOM1997, SFA Rotor cut , SFA Robosteel stirrup bender straightener cutter YOM1994 , Mep Minisyntax Stirrup Bender YOM1996 , MEP Multimatic stirrup bender YOM 1996 , EVG stirrup bender YOM1986 , MEP Multimatic Stirrup bender YOM1994 , PM EBA16 Stirrup bender YOM2004.
    Contact Moosavi , alfawar_uae@ Tel: +97714 271 7783 , F: +9714 271 9095.
  • FOR SALE: (SOLD) Stema Pedax machines for sale - Fully refurbished Unimatic M16XV/912 and 16XV/901 for stirrup bending of rebar 6mm diam to 16mm diam. - Serial No. 13 11 90 and 58 10 92 - Each is fully refurbished by Stema Pedax Denmark and each of these fine machines is as new! - It is packed by Stema Denmark and now is in container. - Price for one machine with 2 pay offs USD 67,000 -- loaded in one 20' container - Machines are ready for dispatching. - Contact us for photos and specifications and more information. Contact: MOOSAVI, AL FAWAR TRADING,DUBAI ,UAE,Tel:+9714 271 7783,Fax:+9714 2719095,
  • FOR SALE: Rebar fabricating machinery from India. Electro-Hydraulic drive, Compact and very simple construction, ideal for construction site applications. Rebar cutters, Benders up to 40 mm size bars, and Stirrup forming semi-auto machines. website: email Contact: Hoshang Jhabvala, Mob: +91 98200 77035, CONSOLIDATED MACHINES, Mumbai 400 072 India,,
  • Wanted: We are seeking to purchase a complete rebar & bending line, preferably good second-hand but will consider new, comprising of: cutting, bending, link maker, feed rollers/beds, receiving rollers/beds, raw bar store racks, labeling machine, computerized bending & cutting, capacity 2000-3000 MT per month. Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines, whatever is available. Contact: Mustafa Fakhruddin , E-mail :
  • Wanted: We are seeking to purchase a complete rebar & stirrup line, preferably good second-hand but will consider new, comprising of: cutting, bending, link maker, feed rollers/beds, receiving rollers/beds, raw bar store racks, labeling machine, computerized bending & cutting, capacity 70 -100 MT every 10 hours shift.. Kindly quote for a full line or for separate bending or cutting machines, whatever is available. Contact: M.Jamal Taher, UNIVERSAL IRON & STEEL CO, Cell Phone: + 962 79 600 6662, Office + 962 6 4658151 / 2, E-mail :, Co E-mail
  • We are a 0.5 Billion Dollar Construction company in India based at Hyderabad. We are looking for rebar processing equipment, Old or New in good working condition. Please contact Robbi. Rajasekhar, Head AMD, Indu Projects Limited, Hyderabad, email
  • We are looking to buy a mesh bender for bending wire mesh for precast concrete septic tanks. We are bending 4’ X 5’ mats of Ό” rebar on 6” centers. One 90Ί bend centered in the 5’ length. Please contact: Alex Koss, Anderson Precast, Phone: 406-586-5087, Fax: 406-586-6015
  • Tianjin Neoark International Co., Ltd. primarily deals in various welded mesh panel, welded wire mesh, galvanized wire etc. Please visit our website at for your target items. TIANJIN NEOARK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. E-mail: Tel: 0086-22-24132827 Fax:0086-22-24132848 Person: Miss. Maya Su Msn: Skype: santamonica27
  • Hebei Shenglun Corp., located in the north of China, specializes in the manufacture and export of various kinds rebar and steel products. We export to many regions of the world, such as Europe, Japan, U.S. Our export volume is more than USD 3000 million per year. We strive to provide the best quality products and better prices. Contact: Jason Chen, Shenglun Building, West Heping Road No.499, City Shijiazhuang Province Hebei, China Zip:050061 Tel:86-13784367893 Fax:86-311-88618803/87046077 or
  • sell : we sell handheld rebar cutters. Both hydraulic and electric. The price will be the lowest! If you need such goods , please contact us , we will reply ASAP. our E-mail address is contact number :86-579-7208086. Contact person : Amy Ying.
  • Subject: New or Used Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebar Coating Plant Our company is looking for a new or used Fusion Bonded Epoxy rebar coating plant capable of powder coating 12 nos. rebars at a time carried on conveyor. Powder coating is about 200 microns thick and baked at 230 deg C. More details upon request. Please contact Mustafa Tahir Ali, email:
  • I am looking for rebar 1/2 inch to 2 inch dia. This is for a very large building in Florida, also 30 foot x 4 inch pipe. Please email me or call me at 954 296-1243. contact Ben Levy,
  • Wanted: I am seeking a complete rebar line; preferably good second hand but will consider new. Needed Immediately. To comprise : Benders, Cutters, Link Maker, Feed Rollers / Beds, Receiving Rollers / Beds, Raw Bar Stores Racks Labeling Machine, Overhead Traveling Crane 10 MT – 100 m Travel, Computerized Cutting Bending capability OUTPUT Min 50 Max 70 MT per 10 hr day Contact: Richard Christopher Boydell Butt, Gulf Leighton LLC, AL GOZE BUILDING, Al Quoz, Sheikh Zayed Road Next to BMW - Rolls Royce Showrooms, Between 2nd - 3rd Interchange , PO Box 123065 ( Entrance at Rear ) Tel : + 971 4 335 4030 Fax : + 971 4 335 4060 Mobile : + 971 50 453 7698 E Mail :
  • For Sale- Fully refurbished Unimatic 901 Automatic Stirrup Bending machine including 2 pay off type M16XV Stema-Pedax for processing rebar steel in dia. 6 to 16mm , bend to right and left with hydraulically adjustable straightening unit , fully computerized program. Please contact, tel +49 2273 991189 , Fax +49 2273 991190
  • For Sale:Schnell automatic stirrup bender,2000 model,two direction,up to diameter 12mm,feeding from two coils. Schnell automatic stirrup bender 1995 model,two direction,up to diameter 12mm,feeding from two coils.Need more
  • Wanted: I am looking for a complete rebar manufacturing plant that can take used cars and other scrap and make rebar. This is for resale outside the USA. I have been contracted to find one, new or used and manage the project to complete it. Doug Hartel, President, Letrah International Corporation, W7603 Koshkonong Mounds Road, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538 USA Email Tel: 920-563-6597 Fax: 920-563-7515 Cell: 920-605-6282
  • For Sale: Manufacturer = CRS, Model = Mep 85V. Bought new in 1996, only used during two years. Automatic Coil Bender as follows: -Capable of bending and cutting two strands of 0.5 inches (12mm) diameter. -Easy to use micro-computer control console which will store more than 100 shapes. -Adjustable rod feed and bending speeds -Daily output: (8 hr. shift) Rod .375" (10mm) double strands 15,000 lbs. Rod .5"(12mm)double strands 24,000 lbs. Rod .625"(15mm) single strands 22,000 lbs. -Hourly output:(shape with 5 bends over length 60") = 700 units. -Set-up Time for a Standard shape approx. 30 to 90 sec. Change of center forming tool - approx. 30 sec. Loading of new coil approx. 5 to 10 minutes. Price $80,000 Canadian dollars. Need more information call: Gilles Gallien Phone:(506)727-3174 Fax: (506)727-6673
  • Wanted: I am looking for a bender that can handle up to 3 inch extruded aluminum. must be CNC controlled. I would prefer a pines. Please contact Brian Chisholm at this email address:
  • 1- For Sale: Buffalo #1, Vertical 3" x 3" x 3/8", Hydraulic Roll Adjustment, New 1970
  • 1- For Sale: Haeusler, Horiz/Vert, 4.5 " x 4.5" x 3/8", Power Roll Adjustment, New 1975
  • 1- Roundo # R6S, 6" x 6" x 5/8", Hyd Roll & Guide Roll Adjustments, Std. Tooling Set, Horiz/Vert, New 1980
  • 1- Hurkles-Wetzlar 6" x 6" x 1", Digital Position Indicators, Hyd Adjustment of Roll & Guide Rolls, New 1993
  • 1- Haeusler, Horizontial, 8" x 8" x 3/4", Hydraulic Adjustment of Rolls & Guide Rolls, Tooling, New 1981
  • 3- Pines 3T Vertical Pipe Benders & 1- Pines #1 Horiz. W/Extractor
  • Attn: Barbara phone (804) 643-0594 Email:
  • Complete wire mesh manufacturing plant for sale, 2 yrs old.The plant consist of drawing line,
  • cut off machines, wire welders, butt welder, turning and stacking device, overhead crane
  • with rails.All in excellent condition. The asking price for all 380.000 EUROS.
  • Also for sale: UNUSED lattice girder line, consisting of coil feeding, bending,
  • welding, saw machines. GERMAN made,the asking price is 30.000 EUROS FOB. TURKEY.
  • Contact Densa Yapi Sanayi A.S., Email:
  • Benders/cutters for sale, Jackson Tsai, ph +886-2-25612493,
  • Cramover Shear Line (SOLD)
  • Package of Mesh Cutters and Benders (PACKAGE SOLD):
  • --- 1 x Hambi TV60 Cutter (6 meter cutting length)
  • --- 1 x Bock 2550 Cutter (2.5 meter cutting length)
  • --- 1 x Hambi KSE 602 Bender (6 meter bending length)
  • --- 1 x Hambi KSE 302 Bender (3 meter bending length)
  • List your equipment here, free of charge! Call (317) 823-3525, or email us your listing.

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