Rebar Software

The SHEAR 97 SQL Database Creation Module

  1. New for SHEAR 97 and ShearCAD: Generate a standard Microsoft SQL Database from SHEAR 97 data.

  2. All SHEAR 97 Jobs data, Releases data, Barlines data, Materials data files are condensed into a single standard SQL database!

  3. When you run the database creation, you can choose to include any or all of the Barlines from: Detailing, Barlisting, and Estimating.

  4. Use your own Microsoft SQL server or other SQL database "engine", or download the free Microsoft SQL Server Express (free up to 4 GB).

  5. Your SQL database can be "joined" or integrated with your other company database(s) for Reporting or Accounting purposes.

  6. For reporting, download a free SQL query/reporting program from the web, or use a program such as Microsoft Access or "Crystal Reports".

  7. Any report you can think of can be readily viewed and/or printed from your newly created SQL database!